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SMS Tools

  • Text Message to a Prospecting List: Broadcast an SMS message to thousands of prospects on a new list at once. The message can contain pictures, emails, videos and many other items.
  • Text Message to an Opted-In List: Same as above, but this is a message that goes to prospects that have requested to be on your list. I’ll show you how to get people to ask you to send messages to them, so that they are open and receptive to your messages when they get them, and even looking forward to them.
  • Request to Join Your List: This is a function of the aforementioned Text Message to a Prospecting List and the Viral List Building strategy where people apply to be put on your Opted-In list and it automatically adds them on for you without you having to do anything.
  • Auto-responders: Many built in functions which guide and transport your prospects smoothly through the system and which you can easily set up more of as you need them.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Your own phone tree–endless options and endless call forwarding for different branches.
  • Excellent VOIP business and/or home phone
  • Transport your number super cheap
  • Choose the numbers for as many lines as you want for less than 60¢ each

Web Package

  • Unlimited web pages and landing pages, with insanely cheap, 24-7, live hosting and fast web page builder, and cheap urls.

Members Only Section

  • Blog articles
  • Step-by-step, How To strategies for every system

More SMS Tools

  • Send SMS Surveys: Use a survey to legally* make contact with new contacts and at the same time ask them survey questions that will reveal if they are good prospects for your company, then add them to a prospecting list.
  • Run SMS Contests: Contests don’t have to cost you money, they can be just for fun. Use them to maintain interest and heighten excitement about to get your messages.
  • Make money with Trivia: I’ll show you how you can turn trivia and contests into sales, and have everybody having fun and excitement doing it.
  • SMS Coupons: I’ll show you how any business can make more sales with an SMS coupon which creates an urgent call to action in the recipient.

Ringless Voice Mail (RVM)

  • Delivers an MP3 Message to VOIP phone or Their Back Pocket (smart phone).
  • Bypasses normal delivery and delivers your recorded MP3 message directly to your opt-in list or prospect list’s voice mail of their VOIP phone or Smart Phone, so they “think” they got a missed call directly from you, even though it was really a very clear, mass robo-call.
  • For example, you have the ability to market to thousands of prospects through Ringless Voice Mail, and send them to a landing page, perhaps with your video (you can easily create with our system), and then allow them to autonomously schedule their own appointment to talk to you or your sales rep. This way scores of people can be scheduling appointments at once, when you couldn’t possibly be answering the phone that fast.

More SMS Tools

  • Prospects Send Referrals: This is known as the Viral List Building Tool and is one of the most powerful strategies I’ll teach you, where you will send an SMS to your list, however small, offering them a gift or discount if they refer a number of their friends to your list. In turn, those friends are given the same offer. In a few days your list is built up very quickly.
  • Receive & Manage Referrals: When a prospect sends you a referral, this tool automatically sends them an SMS introducing you and inviting them to join your list, also offering the viral discount or free item in exchange for referrals.
  • Your Scheduler & Monthly Planner: Here you plan out all your list building and list prospecting activities for the months to come and even set them all up.
  • Prospect’s Appointment Scheduler: A function that allows your prospects to go onto your planner and schedule an appointment to talk to you, if enabled.
  • 6+ Starting Strategic Campaigns: With variations. More to come.
  • Copywriter on Staff: To help you with your own campaigns or adapting mine.

Voice Message Casting

  • Voice Message Casting refers to sending out a message of any kind to multiple phone numbers at once. It is highly effective and is somewhat regulated now and will certainly become more so. Due to its overuse, it is not as effective as the other means at our disposal, but often is still just the right tool.
  • Send out thousands of voice message casts to businesses without restriction.
  • Voice message cast to residences you’ve had some form of relationship with in the last year. *If they’re you’re client, that is ideal. If they registered to win a free something or other or you called them and they responded to a survey those may count as a relationship too. We’re not lawyers, so we can’t give legal advice, but that is the general understanding.

Before You Pick a Plan, Think About This:

It's all up to you how much you are going to use this. You decide. As long as you use it a lot, whichever plan you choose will make you many, many times more than it costs you. So the question you should be asking yourself here, is not so much, "How much do I want to spend?" That is a very minor concern. You really should concern yourself with "How much am I willing to make?" Then, if you decide you are going to make big money with this system, vow to follow through and do it.


12 Functions In One Hub

Never before have all these features been brought together in one place at one time. In fact, many of them have never been available to you before, period. But now here they are all bundled together in Andre’s Treasure Chest,

Now as you are about to see, you get to pick a plan that not only gives you access to all of this but gives you credits to use toward calls, templates, phone lines, more phone numbers and more and those credits are refreshed monthly and unused credits are carried over.

Best of all, if you do the math, you’ll see that you get so many monthly credits with the “Damn, That’s A Killer Plan!” that they come in at about 2.9 cents each. That’s a highly discounted rate and it basically makes all of the other service free in addition to the discounted credits. Now, I’m not stupid. I know that the going rate per minute for these services, which is effectively what a credit equals, is 6 cents, that’s over double what I’m selling them for. And that is everybody’s discounted rates for high users.

But like I have said before, the rest of the world has been ripping us all off for years. There’s no reason it needs to be that high. I’m perfectly happy making a very small profit and selling lots of credits to people who want to use tens of thousands, even millions of them per month, or even the guy who just wants to dabble at it. It doesn’t matter to me, it all adds up.

Let those greedy Hun Barbarians choke on their 6 cents a minute! That’s the last they’ll see of us. Right Brother? You’re going to find that the 10,000 credits that come with the Killer Plan aren’t as much as they might seem. I used to use that much up every month with my carpet cleaning company between two Ringless Voice Mails I used to do each month that at that time I was paying 12 cents per minute for, I would spend about 12,000 minutes, if you can imagine the bill on that, but I made a lot of money doing it even then. It brought in a flood of jobs for me.

Now you can do so much more for so much less and it’s so cheap you can afford to use it daily, if you can handle the sales from it–that’s the only thing limiting your usage–the big question is, how much business can you handle?

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Why you big silly, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you. If you don’t join me right now you are going to be all alone wandering through this lonely world, and what will become of me? I will have lost my new special friend. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that if you keep reading or start to exit the site maybe a pop-up will say “Stop” I’ll give you an extra $10 off if you’ll be my special friend. Now what kind of friend would give one of his friends a better price than all the others? Nope. That’s not happening here. Everybody gets the same price. And everyone who joins my site are my special friends. You won’t find any discounts on those coupon sites either. The price is the price. It’s as low as we can make it and you have to admit it’s great. So quit dithering already and sign up. You know the nature of inflation–if you wait, prices only go up. So what are you waiting for? Why not now?

Seriously, if I haven’t answered your every concern, text me at 630-216-8563 tell me what it is and I’ll see that it gets taken care of. I want you to feel perfectly comfortable with this decision. And since I will take care of your every concern, rest assured, after you send that email, come right back here and push the button below and take a look at my plans, pick the one you want, sign up and get started. If for some reason I can’t fulfill my promise to you, I will refund your money and cancel your plan. This way, there is nothing holding you back right now.