The World’s 12 Best New Tools to Pull Profit$ From Your Leads IN MERE MINUTES  (Newbies Included)

…Without The Need For Any Technical Skills, Outsourcing or Paying a High Priced Marketing Agency…

Just: 1. Upload Your List, 2. Pick any Campaign, 3. Click, and 4. PROFIT

That’s how easy it can be with My Leads Extractor, and there’s really no reason it has to be hard. But, let’s say you do have special needs and for some reason the scripts we have won’t work for you or you can’t adapt them to what you are doing. My copywriter (who has written some of the best copy in the world and is experienced with both telemarketing and robo-calling, having not only done it in his own businesses, but also helped clients with it in other businesses) is permanently on staff full-time at your beck and call to write custom scripts for your special needs and specialty projects. Or if you feel you’ve done a good job of writing your own script and just want him to have a look at it, he’ll give you his recommendations and ideas for a smaller fee, which in turn, if after seeing his evaluation you decide to have him rewrite it for you, the charge for the evaluation

becomes just part of the rewrite service. But that’s not all. Let’s say your ambitions are much larger than your list or perhaps you have no list to begin with. We’ll help you buy a list, or even show you how to take a small starter list and use a viral message to turn that list into a large subscriber list which you can

then draw leads out of endlessly. And that’s still not all. Suppose, you need a website fast, or a lot of websites fast, or a bunch of phone numbers and you want to pick them all out, or an office VOIP line for really cheap that works great and an endless phone tree with unlimited call forwarding and all kinds of really other great jazz, that all

comes along with it for free. Let’s suppose you want to take the month off. The system has a simple scheduler such that you can schedule all your calls and events for the next however long you want, load up the lists, take off and go to Bermuda for a month. For that matter, calendar or no calendar, you could take your smart phone and monitor the whole system from Bermuda or wherever in the world you are. Except certain parts of Antarctica, I think we don’t get service to all of that continent yet. But we don’t have a lot of penguins using our service anyway, they try to pay in krill and it

just doesn’t work for me. But wait, there’s more… Let’s say you try us out and find out everything is exactly what I say, it IS all it is cracked up to be, and you love all the money you are making, but you just don’t want to do it. Fine. We’ll hire the phone staff and do it all for you. That’s right, you don’t have to do a thing, just sit back and make the

money. We’ll run the staff. There are lots more great features and benefits of membership to My Leads Extractor, I just want to touch on some of the major ones here. But more importantly, it’s an eternal project. I’ll always be finding the next great benefit to add to My Leads Extractor. Won’t you join us? Be part of our growing family of friends. It’s time for you too to cash in…



I Build Marketing Tools That Fetch Fast Results For You

  • They are never late for work
  • They, never get tired.
  • They never call in sick, miss a day of work or take vacations.
  • Every day is their same best day.
  • Every call is their same best call.
  • They place thousands of calls per minute.
  • There’s no waiting around and wondering if the campaign is going to work–response hits hard and it hits in minutes.
  • They’ll work any hours.
  • They never ask for raise.
  • They never have an attitude or get on an emotional roller-coaster.

Text/SMS Services

  • Text Blast to a Prospecting List
  • Text Blast to an Opted-In List
  • Send Coupons to Your List
  • Trivia
  • Contests
  • Surveys
  • Ask to Join Your List
  • Prospects Send Referrals
  • Manage Referrals
  • Scheduler/Monthly Planner
  • Prospects Set Appointments With You

RIngless Voice Mail (RVM)

  • Delivers an MP3 Message to VOIP phone or Their Back Pocket (smart phone).
  • Bypasses normal delivery and delivers your recorded MP3 message directly to your opt-in list or prospect list’s voice mail of their VOIP phone or Smart Phone, so they “think” they got a missed call directly from you, even though it was really a very clear, mass robo-call.
  • For example, you have the ability to market to thousands of prospects through Ringless Voice Mail, and send them to a landing page, perhaps with your video (you can easily create with our system), and then allow them to autonomously schedule their own appointment to talk to you or your sales rep. This way scores of people can be scheduling appointments at once, when you couldn’t possibly be answering the phone that fast.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Your own phone tree–endless options and endless call forwarding for different branches.
  • Excellent VOIP business and/or home phone
  • Transport your number super cheap
  • Choose the numbers for as many lines as you want for less than 60¢ each
  • Unlimited web pages with hosting and fast web page builder, cheap urls.

Voice Message Casting

  • Voice Message Casting refers to sending out a message of any kind to multiple phone numbers at once. It is highly effective and is somewhat regulated now and will certainly become more so.
  • Send out thousands of voice message casts to businesses without restriction.
  • Voice message cast to residences you’ve had some form of relationship with in the last year. *If they’re you’re client, that is ideal. If they registered to win a free something or other or you called them and they responded to a survey those may count as a relationship too. We’re not lawyers, so we can’t give legal advice, but that is the general understanding.

true Video

Watch The SMS System In Action


Why Shouldn’t You Get  Everything You Could Ever Dream Up-All In One Hub-At An Unbeatable Price?

I know I’m offering you systems no one else can offer you. I know I’m bringing all of the best there is into one hub and binding it all together to boot. I know I’m giving it all to you for an incomparably low price no one else is offering. I know, because I know what’s out there. But do you know? Look at the value if you had to get each of these items separately and put together the hub piecemeal


What You Get

Responsive Theme

Customized Campaigns

Advanced Training Sessions

Custom Copywritting

24/7 System Montoring

Unlimited Customer List

Robust Documentation

Success Tracking

"We've Tried 12 Strategies So Far And All 12 Turned Into New Revenue Streams. My Leads Extractor is hitting 100%"

Monarch Inc.


Extra Co.

"Best new marketing sensation of the year."



“I got my site up and running in less than a day!”

  • i set up my virtual office in an hour
  • I set up my simple web page in two hours
  • Another hour for 2 landing pages.
  • 2 hours to watch some training videos, buy a list and set up an voice broadcast with an appointment scheduled option.
  • 10 minutes to send out a voice broadcast
  • And presto I started building an SMS list, an email list and started getting appointments automatically set up by prospects to talk to me about buying my stuff, faster than I could have answered the phone and set them myself.

“I Tripled the size of my email lists!”

Through my blog, web site, doing guest blogs and referral contests, I’ve built an email list of 850 over three years. I thought I was doing pretty good. I came across MyLeadsExtractor and I was skeptical but my husband really encouraged me to give it a try. He kept nagging me. So finally, I signed up for a month and just used my list and sent them an sms and tried the viral referral strategy. I really didn’t expect much. I was surprised when my list wound up at 2773 this morning and it is still growing! It just tripled overnight what took me three years to get, like it was nothing. Okay, I’m a believer. I’m going to see what happens when I put some serious effort into this.

“SMS Surveys, Trivia and referrals built a large prospecting list that draws traffic into my new fashion boutique and made it a hit from day one.”

First I used surveys to make contact with prospects and identify ones that fit my customer profile. Then I ran their viral referral strategy with just the right prospects to get me an endless stream of them. Next, I used trivia to get them excited about the fashion tips and styles in my boutique and finally I followed them up with coupon offers related to those fashion tips I covered in the trivia questions. It brought people in. My boutique, “Runway Girls,” was flooded practically from day one.

Fully Responsive

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Works on all major current models of smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It is designed to set up differently on each device in order to optimize itself for the screen size and resolution of your system. Your system should have very little or no effect on download speed, although that is affected by a great many factors at any given moment, may have to do with signal loss, interference, and North Korean secret solar radiation attacks, which generally have nothing to do with our system.


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