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I Created These Custom Tools For You From Scratch to Build a Prospecting List, Harvest it Rapidly, and Do More Than You Can Even Imagine Possible

All right you got me, the truth is I first created these tools for my own use, and that’s what makes them great. See, I was getting a little, shall we say more mature, and maybe slowing down a bit, and I was using robo-calling in my business to good effect, but I started thinking of how I could get so much more effectiveness from it with some modernization. I looked around and nobody was doing it so I did it for myself. Once I started down the road of free thinking, advancement lead to advancement until I now have an unparalleled Text & calling system that will do things for you nobody else can do, things you never knew you needed, and I can give them to you cheaper than anyone else can give you with their archaic systems. What’s more, I have the only complete set of tools available.

World-Class Custom Scripts Just for You

First, I have for you a world-class copywriter in house who will be happy to write or review your scripts that will make them far more effective.

It’s not cheap, but the copywriter will make you more money than any single investment and when you look back on it, you’ll see that for a one-time fee of a few hundred or thousand dollars the copywriter made you hundreds of thousands of extra dollars you otherwise would never have made, and you’ll know that was a smart choice.

But using our copywriter is in no way mandatory. And again, our copywriter is happy to just review your own script and give you some suggestions for a lesser fee.

Over a Dozen Unique--High Powered Text & Calling Systems

Together we’ll go over the different types of calling systems and some of their amazing features on the pricing page in detail. But here I want to tell you that this is the most complete package of calling systems you will find.

Never before has anyone put anything like this together. Furthermore, no one has made these services this cheap to use. And it is state of the art.

Your OFFICE OF THE FUTURE With Unlimited: Web Pages, Email addresses, Cheap Phone Numbers, &Office Phone Forwarding

You can buy URLs cheaply using my carrier. Set up web pages in as little as one hour using my turn-key web page designer, (Which is so easy to use that my tech-challenged copywriter just started using it at top speed without even listening to the instructions–which only takes 10 minutes.)

I’ll host them for you cheaply with 24-7 monitoring, as many sites as you want, I’ll sell you all the phone numbers you want for pocket change, and give you an office phone system with all the branches and call forwards you can dream up.

New Life to Old Strategies & Endless Fantastic New Ones

You’ll see we’ve found new ways to apply worn out old strategies that were once great, to make them great again, and we’ve given you lots of highly effective new strategies that you’ve never seen before and can be applied a multitude of ways, most of which are only limited by your imagination.

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Our Story

I Created My Leads Extractor Because As A Marketer I Wanted to  Close More Leads, Faster & Easier and Make More Money With Less Work And Now You Can Too. 

The truth is I didn’t start out with any noble or brilliant purpose or plan, I was just mad. If you remember, back in the early days, it cost us 14 cents per minute to do robo-calling of any sort. But you still made dang good money off of it. When I found out how little per-minute, it really cost the carrier and that I could buy direct and get that rate too, I was mad. They were ripping-off all of us for years. So I went through all the effort to become a licensed carrier.

When I did that, I learned some other things about technological developments that were available that were not being taken advantage of, just because providers didn’t want to bother offering them. That’s when I started thinking about “What if I put together my own advanced system?”

But even then, I was just thinking for my own use, not to sell to others. So I invested quite a bit of money over a lengthy period of time as I developed one tool after another for my own use. Then I eventually shared them with a few fellow marketers who paid me a little something for their use. They kind of served as alpha-testers and helped develop new tools and strategies as well.

Eventually, I made the decision, as more and more marketers heard about the system, to go ahead and market it. That’s how we got to here.


Meet The Team

Jim Wolverton

Chief Strategist

Jim is a copywriter and a great thinker and planner. In the 6th grade, without ever having played in a tournament or read a book on Chess before, he won a series of tournaments and went to the Oregon State finals but was unable to attend. He’s always thinking many moves ahead. By the time he was in high school, the ROTC used him to play very complex, high-level strategy war games with the men and women, to help them learn strategic level thinking. Jim had a reputation for having never lost to any military officer.

Andre’ DeLano

Founder & Lead Developer

True to the entrepreneurial spirit, Andre owns a number of businesses and enjoys running them all. His unique perspective causes him to have ideas to improve how businesses operate, and these insights come to him at an amazing frequency. His focus is on ideas to create more value for the people he comes in contact with. As a result, he likes to put himself in positions where he can meet people. In particular, he goes out and about looking for the right person to meet who might become an important part of his next great plan. He is great at making contacts and building relationships with the right people to help make those endeavors happen. You could say he believes in sort of a serendipity if you are conscientious about putting yourself in the right place at the right time and going out of your way to meet the right people.

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