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Jim Wolverton Copywriter Guru

Director Of Copy, MyLeadsExtractor

Jim is creative and gets results for those who decide to hire him for copywriting and strategic marketing planning. First, he’ll lisens to what you want, then he has this amazing ability to translates your ideas into actionable copy that sales your message.
Results. In as little as a one hour meeting Jim has the unique ability to turn your ideas into real profits for years to come.
As you decide to hire Jim, you’ll feel from the first conversation that he gets you and your business, and when you see what he produces for you, you’ll believe you found the right person for the job. Choose Now!  and reach out and see what he’ll produce for you. Start Now!

Building Your Marketing: Mon-Fri @ 1:00pm

Giving Your Brand a Voice: Sunday @ 9:00am

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Whether you want professional copywriting or want to discuss a your marketing plan, we can help. Reach out now and see what we can help you with. All available as a member of MyLeadsExtractor. Click Below And Start Now! 

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