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You might spend days deciding on an offer, but once you do, it’s all just flipping metaphorical switches and writing a couple of simple scripts from there. First you have to create and plan an SMS to all of the list you have bought saying what your offer is and telling them that all they have to do to get this gift is refer you the cell numbers of X number of like minded friends in the area who meet certain qualifications. You tell them you are going to ring their friend’s numbers with an offer to join your list and with this same free offer if they want it, if they don’t, you will never contact them again.

There is a very important rule in marketing called, “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.” If you haven’t read it, go read it now.

Also go read about Top 20% Marketing

Between these two, you should now understand why we can buy a list that matches the demographics of your top 20% and have them likely to be top 20% prospects as well. Furthermore, you now know how to make your Top 20% list and call the list broker and buy a list list that models your top 20 in your most likely zip codes of your target areas.  So this is what you should do at this point.

Now you have your offer and your call list. All you have to do is get them together with a script and an autoresponder. Lol. So here’s what you need to do.

Write a script. Now first you have to decide on how many referrals you are going to ask for. I’ve heard people make good arguments for 3, 5, 7 and 10. I’ve done them all. 10 works good. but seriously, there are people who just can’t come up with 10 numbers to refer. So what I’ve tried, and this works brilliantly, is I start with 10 and say, “Hi, I’m Andre, I do a free webinar (or whatever it is you do) and in order to get people to know me I’m giving away free xyz’s and I’d like to give one to you. All you have to do to get your free xyz is refer me 10 legit smartphone numbers of your good friends and this xyz is yours. What’s more, I’m going to give your friends the same offer.”

Then once the response dies off, I send around a second request to those who didn’t respond and say, “There were many who wanted the free xyz but just didn’t have 10 friends, so I’m lowering it to five.” and then you get another bunch of referrals.

Every time they enter in a referral phone number for you, they get this response almost like it was from The Count on Sesame Street from PBS saying, “That’s one! One referral. Blah, hah. hah. haah.” Just kidding, there’s no Blah hah hah haah. I think it would be cool if there was though, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for some people. Imagine if a mortician was selling caskets. We have an auto-responder do that.

Next, an auto-responder adds each of the referred numbers to a list as they come in and they are then called and the same offer is given to each of them in turn.

If they start referring numbers, the process starts all over with each of those numbers.

Meanwhile, the original numbers when they reach their tenth referral, they get a message that says, “Congratulations you won!” It also gives them a code and tells them where to collect their prize, to save this message and show this code.

A few minutes later they get another message inviting them to opt-in to your list.

Technically, at this point, you may have met the legal requirements for having an established relationship with them, so it’s questionable whether you would have to do this or not. But I would want to error on the side of caution and we always want to be the good guys. We always want to offer to let them opt-in and if they don’t choose to, we don’t bother them again. Further, in every SMS or text or whatever we always want to give them a one-step, easy way to sever all communication with us. This prevents lawsuits and stops you from getting complaints and if you do get a complaint you have proof that the complainant is unreasonable and it is not your fault.

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